Donna Andree - Halton District School Board

Fantastic Speaker - Funny and Engaging. Enjoyed the whole presentation. Not enough time.

Wendy Behling - Halton District School Board

Setting boundaries was very enlightening - with grown children, family members...learning how to say "no" - Enjoyed learning about the process of listening skills and how it's a key for rapport.

Sheri Paton - Halton District School Board

Great tips that I can use in my daily life. Rosemary is a fantastic speaker!

Farzana - Halton District School Board

It was an energetic and fast paced workshop. I was engaged the whole time and did not want to miss any part of it. Learned strategies on how to say "no" among other great information!

Marian Smith - Halton District School Board

Excellent! 10 out of 10! Explanation of the 3 Types of Listening, Matching and Mirroring and the Learning State Excercise.

Susan Parenti - Halton District School Board

Rosemary gets a 10 out of 10 on this workshop! The Best Value is the ability to master rapport in conjuntion with the collaborative problem solving process initiated in our schools.

Linda DeGroot - Halton District School Board

Rosemary is a very eloquent speaker, very enthusiastic. Loved the stories shared. Loved the techniques, bubble break and the learning state.

Angie Campbella - Halton District School Board

This should have been a longer workshop! Best value was the topic of "Boundaries"

Lucy Sandrin - Event Planner & New Business Owner

Incredible Workshop, Very Informative, Very Motivational. Golden Questions, My lights went off!

Erin Owen - Toronto

This workshop was fantastic!...I feel more confident and motivated to achieve my goals, and how I can make the best life for myself, starting now!


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